here’s a preview of a shirt I’m working on, just got done drawing every single main warioware character. Now to arrange them and draw all the OTHER secondary characters.This is going to be a monster of a shirt. 

Storm: but yeah that happened lol
Storm: hows your day
Storm: I’m sure filled with-
Claptrap’s Dick: i cant stop drawing dicks

come watch me draw dumb shit if you so please. currently streaming. http://www.livestream.com/stormisdrawingneatthings

Pumpkin cinnamon roll muffins
Really nice recipes. Every hour.

just giving you all a heads up that if you don’t like fall/halloween that’s tooooooooo bad because I’m going to start reblogging a spoopy ton of fall/halloween stuff soon.

This is a shout out thank you to those who reblogged my shark week junk and helped spread the word. Really, thanks!